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Then in the late 1980’s a veterinarian suggested he try a supplement commonly used to treat horses and other animals. After three days of taking the supplement MSM most of the pain was gone. Eventually, he developed an MSM based lotion to rub on his skin.
The purple scarring he had for years started to vanish and was replaced by round pink skin. At that point, he developed a product line to help all people achieve their optimum health through nutrition.

Check out our Youtube page to see the rest of Bill Rich’s Lecture on MSM!
Mission Statement:
"To provide optimum health through nutrition, at an affordable price."
Rich's MSM tablets, and powders contain only the purest MSM available in the World. Distilled four times for purity. We do NOT use fillers, binders, additives, or flow agents in any of our products. Only the purest MSM available.
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Bill Rich and Rich Distributing was the VERY FIRST company to provide MSM for human consumption. Bill, a retired mechanic and inveterate tinkerer living in Portland, Oregon suffered for years in excruciating pain from burns, extensive skin grafts and keloid scarring after being trapped in a burning car in 1970. The doctors spent six months trying to put him back together, yet the pain was so severe in his knees and ankles he would "nearly buckle over and cry from the experience."
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