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Organic MSM

  MSM is a synthesized molecule consisting of 1/3 methyl, 1/3 sulfonyl (bio-available sulfur), and 1/3 methane.  MSM is synthesized by mixing hydrogen peroxide with DMSO.  The DMSO separates into dimethyl, and MSM.  Dimethyl is a strong solvent, and MSM is a form of bio-available sulfur.  Sulfonyl does not exist as a solid.  It is a gas created in the ocean by plankton.  It bonds with the methyl and methane in the atmosphere and becomes methylsulfonylmethane, MSM.
 The crystalization method of producing MSM can create a contaminated product.  Sometimes heavy metals remain with crystalization.  Distillation is the key to pure MSM.  Our MSM is distilled 4 times.  It is the purest MSM available.